Just a dude making my way through this roller coaster ride of life. Interests include Music, Pop Culture, Sports, Books, Movies, Beer, Games. Design, Marketing and general enjoyment and curiosity of this small blue speck we live on in this vast universe. Mostly I write about my love of Indie Rock and assorted bands, but don’t be surprised if I blow off steam about one of my crappy sports teams or review a book or film I liked.

Hit me up to engage in discussion. My Twitter, Facebook, YouTube links are on the blog. I really enjoy discussion and debate.

“This blog is more popular than Jesus” is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the John Lennon quote from the mid-sixties that got a lot of bible-belters panties in a wad. While I mostly can be charming and amiable, like John Lennon, I can be acerbic and terse when provoked. Not a sermon, just a thought.


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