The Party

partyWhen I was younger, my parents invited me to a party. I showed up and started checking out the scene. I was a little shy at first, because I didn’t know anybody, so I hung out with my parents a bit.  Then I started meeting and talking to a few people my own age. I made some friends. We drank a few beers, had a few laughs. I wandered around the party a bit, opening doors and peering in rooms. I went to the back yard and played a few of the games they had set up. It was fun. While wandering, I caught the eye of this girl and we started talking. We had a lot in common so we started walking around the party together, meeting new people, making new friends. She was pretty cool. Since we were having such a good time, We decided to call up some friends and invite them over to the party. They showed up, but since they were a little younger than us, they stayed with us a while talking and discussing life. Pretty deep stuff. Eventually, they saw some people their own age and started talking to them, and making new friends. That was cool. My parents came over and said they were tired, and were heading home. We hugged and then they took off. Dad never did like driving at night. I wasn’t tired though, and kept on partying.  Some of the friends I made earlier left, and it looked as if the party was winding down a bit. The younger people we invited were having fun playing the games in the back yard and making new friends. It was a pretty wild party. A couple fights broke out. People were making out in hidden corners. The cops came, but pretty much just told us to keep it down a bit. After the sun went down, a few of us went swimming in our underwear. I was getting tired so i sat on the couch and chilled a bit. I may have taken a quick nap. When I got up, I splashed some water on my face, looked around, and watched the festivities for a few moments.  It was getting late, so I said my goodbyes to everyone and left. I could hear the younger friends laughing and enjoying the party as I walked out.
I had a good time.


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