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Oscar Night vs NBA All-Stars

Oscars_or_NBAWho was the genius that scheduled Oscar Night opposite the NBA All-Star game? Now, I realize that the NBA All-Star game is a complete farce: Oop after Oop with no defense, but I still enjoy it. I plan on watching the Slam Dunk contest tonight, and watch my lone Wizard John Wall compete in the Skills Competition. That being said, I fully plan on switching over to the Oscars show at 8:30 and DVRing the rest of the hoops.

This year’s list of Best Picture nominees is a pretty wide assortment. I am in the midst of watching all of them this weekend. I now hereby present my review of each film. Since it’s the 21st Century, each review will be under 140 characters and able to fit in a tweet. Feel free to re-tweet my reviews if you want 🙂

The Artist – One I plan on watching tonight. Buzz is that The Artist will win Best Picture. A B&W French Silent Film about the coming of “the talkies”. Looks intriguing.

The Descendants – Saw this last night with the family. Wrenching, sad, heartbreaking, well written and well acted. Clooney low-keys his performance. Great cameos by Robert Forster & Beau Bridges. Upcoming talent Shailene Woodley should be in the running for supporting actress.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – This movie gets panned for being a little crass about 9/11. I actually enjoyed it. Great performance by newcomer Thomas Horn, and Sandra Bullock portrays the grieving widow with subdued skill. Max Von Sydow is stellar as ever as the mute old man helping young Oskar come to terms with his loss.

The Help – Have not watched this one yet. Plan to tomorrow. Trailers look like a good story, and I love Viola Davis and hope she gets the nod for Best Actress.

Hugo – Martin Scorsese’s homage to the Pioneers of Film. Saw this in 3D at the theatre and recommend it highly. Cute story, adventurous, well-acted, and the best use of 3D technology I’ve seen in a film. Won’t win best picture but if there was a catagory for Best 3D picture, this would take it.

Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen’s latest. Looking forward to watching this one today. Charming, Beautiful, Enchanting, and of course magically wacky (being a Woody Allen movie). Stellar cast.

Moneyball – Bennett Miller’s account of Billy Beane’s Sabermetric methods of turning the Oakland A’s from zeroes to heroes in the early aughts. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill put in good performances and the tale of the uphill battle for baseball supremacy is encouraging. Good movie, but don’t expect the Oscar.

The Tree of Life – Challenging, colorful and at times disturbing. Terrence Malick brings a brilliant vision to an otherwise bland Best Picture field. May be hard to follow for some viewers, but the themes of rebirth, grace, nature and redemption are universal. Almost psychedelic at times in the 2001: A Space Odyssey sense. Do not miss this film.

War Horse – Wonderful film by Steven Spielberg based on the children’s novel by Michael Morpurgo. The story follows Joey, a thoroughbred from southern Britain in pre World War I through the war and back again. Sometimes schmaltzy, but big-hearted and worth seeing whether you have children or not.

Would love to read your tweet-reviews of these movies, or responses to mine. Hit me up on Twitter @joeybelt


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