Can your Super Bowl feast also be healthy?

chiliToday was the big day: Super Bowl Sunday. Second only to Thanksgiving for gluttony and extra calories, Super Sunday can make anyone feel bloated with store-bought snacks, wings, fried foods and junk foods filled with crap and preservatives. This morning I decided to try to make delicious, yet healthy foods for tonight’s big game.

I started the night lightly, offering snacks of spinach and artichoke hummus with whole wheat pita chips, roasted almonds, and a veggie tray with fat-free dip. By the second quarter,  I ramped things up a bit, whipping out barbecued turkey meatballs, which had been in the crock pot since 2. At halftime, as Madonna was crooning her oldies, I put the marinated shrimp and garlic on skewers and broiled them. They had been marinating since 2 as well and came out really nice and moist. As the third quarter ended, it was time for the chili. I made a special Turkey Two-Bean chili today in the slow cooker. Topped off with Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA  (Thanks Jimmy!), by the time the Giants had locked up their win, I was feeling full and sleepy. All in all, it was a good meal and a good day.


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